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Rave Reviews

Rave Reviews


Proven Outcomes

Elizabeth's knowledge, grasp and study of healing is amazing. Her Life Attunement sessions get right to the heart of an issue in a gentle yet effective way. Working with Elizabeth in a few different capacities has been an absolute joy. I love her desire and ability to help others heal.

Amy Allen

Body Code Practitioner

I have worked with Elizabeth to do some important healing work in my relationship with myself and with my partner. I found the Life Attunement Sessions to be incredibly clarifying and insightful. I highly recommend this work.

Madonna Murphy

Creator of Madlee Designs

For me, Life Attunement Coaching was a paradigm shift. We didn’t just solve the surface problem, we also solved the issues that caused the problem in the first place.

Connie H.

My work with Elizabeth and what we co-create has been life-changing. Elizabeth not only engages in traditional coaching conversations, but also uses powerful intuitive healing techniques. Our work has shifted my relationship with parents and past experiences. I have gone from feeling like a kid, to being a strong and powerful adult. Additionally she has also helped me feel less pain from a pinched nerve. 

Geoff Grant

Writer and Coach

Every interaction with Elizabeth has sped up my growth as a corporate leader. Through her provocative questions she interrupts my patterns of thought and behavior by shining a new perspective on my situation. Her style of compassionate, personal connection brings an unexpected depth and authenticity to our work together.

Chris Benoit


With the very first session we got a clear on the road map and next steps. I can’t believe all the information and details you covered! I am grateful and so is my son beyond words. You have changed the course of his health and quality of his life and mine. My gratitude is profound. Your skill and caring are a miracle.​

Janice (and Tommy)

My Life Attunement work with Elizabeth went right to the leverage points that I knew were true by how they landed in my awareness as "oh, fuck, I have to work on THAT?!" Elizabeth held beautiful space and asked thoughtful, intuitive questions. I'd recommend this experience for anyone who is tired of running all over trying everything under the sun and wants to know that their precious time, energy, and attention towards personal development/healing work will be time effectively spent.

Fauna Gold

Writer and Healer

I had an amazing experience working with Elizabeth addressing my sleep issues. We were able to pinpoint the causes of them and identify a protocol that actually worked! Elizabeth is intuitive, compassionate and lighthearted. She is a joy to work with. 

Celeste Lemieux

Unlike any coach I've worked with, Elizabeth is a master diagnostician, getting to the root causes of your life, health or sleep challenges. Then, she expertly guides you to your highly personalized remedies and tools to get the results you want. To me, that's priceless!

Catherine Ellenton

Sessions with Elizabeth tune me in to my mind and spirit. Aligned with my inner world, her guidance initiates rapid response. I now have a set of conscious tools to illuminate my way into a fully-empowered vision of my future. I feel confident in taking next steps into my unknown possibilities. Her sessions are more powerful than any therapy or business coaching I've experienced previously.

Samantha Bachechi


Being made aware of the cause of my challenge was powerful in and of itself. Beyond that, being told by my soul what it needs in order to resolve the situation and the exact belief I need to release was beyond amazing.

Fiona Robertson


Of all the things I've done, this work with Elizabeth has been the most impactful for me.

Kelle Sparta


Elizabeth has helped me become a new me. I am a cancer survivor and our work has helped me release my old behaviors and patterns so I can stay healthy. I can’t say how much she has helped me. I am a new person and the old patterns that made me sick are now gone.

Nathalie Mason


Elizabeth's Life Attunement process taps into the client's own inner wisdom and body awareness to bring into clarity both the conscious and unconscious reasons for 'dis-ease', and stuckness in life. In my initial session, I received clear and practical steps I can take to free up more energy and wellness in my body and my life. I highly recommend working with Elizabeth if there is an area of your life that has you feeling stuck. If you want both an intuitive, energetic approach coupled with powerful concise questions that lead to a practical roadmap to healing, Elizabeth is the partner for you!

Paige Stirling

Intuitive Healer and Reiki Master

What an incredible experience I had during my Life Attunement Session. This experience was a life-changing shift, a path being unlocked. If you feel stuck, I would recommend reaching out to Elizabeth.

Julie Reineke-Lawton

Software Engineer/Release Manager

Elizabeth is a warm, intuitive, and knowledgeable healer. I came to her because I have rosacea, and I've tried many different approaches (internal and external) to address it. Elizabeth identified 7 causes, and Elizabeth found two root emotions that are driving the 7 causes. She then had a few gentle emotional release techniques that would address the emotions. I was impressed with the entire process and would recommend Elizabeth to anyone with a chronic condition that has not responded to other healing modalities.

Kathy Fritz


My Life Attunement experience offered incredible insight and clarity to support and guide me on my healing journey from severe Body Dysmorphic Disorder accompanied by debilitating depression and anxiety. Although I have been working with exceptional professionals with expertise in my diagnoses, my Life Attunement Session excavated several root causes previously unidentified, including childhood traumas echoed in other life experiences. This work helped clarify where I have felt "stuck" in my recovery and provided a very specific healing modality "map" catered to my particular unprocessed and unreleased energetic wounds. I left my session with hope that, alongside and incorporated into the work I have been doing, I will indeed find my way to remission and full healing. For anyone who has also felt stuck on or finding a healing path, I highly recommend Life Attunement work.

Jeffrey Poole

For a long time I've had difficulty sleeping; going to sleep and staying asleep, due to CPTSD. She was able to pinpoint my issue(s) and make recommendations as to how to handle the situation. As a result, I've been been sleeping a lot better. I would recommend; and have recommended, people to seek her if they have sleep issues.

Sandy Deryk

In working with Elizabeth I was amazed at the precision and accuracy of their findings about what was at the root of my struggle with sleep. I felt 'seen' and appreciated the thoroughness and practical guidance in exactly what I needed to do to support myself. After the session, I was amazed at the way I was able to release old energy and beliefs with very gentle and powerful processes with Elizabeth's guidance. I highly recommend this approach to anyone who is struggling with sleep.

Carol Anne Inceoglu

After Years of Struggling with Acne, Gets Meaningful Results in Four Days

Monica Jayne

Self Expression Guide

Fast Insight & Support for Business
and Personal Success

Ed Ferrigan

Coach & Entrepreneur

Got Clarity on Gut health
and How to Increase Energy

Michaela Foulkes

Fat Burning Coach

Repaired Her Relationship With Herself,
Food, & Her Purpose

Marti Stany

Retired US Army Officer & Trauma Therapist

Surprised By Friend’s
Astounding Results

GenaSis Gough

Pleasure Coach

Was Able to Heal Her
IBS & Leaky Gut

Natalie Carrington

Engineering Student @WPI

Clarity in Diagnosing Her
Sleep Challenges

Chandra Bliss

Entrepreneur & Healer

Recovered From a Car Accident, Has resolved pain,
& feels more peaceful

Alexandra Kerlin

Certified Healing Touch Practitioner & Reiki Master

Tap Your Inner Wisdom
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Tap Your Inner Wisdom & Receive its Guidance

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