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Elizabeth Carrington Life Attunement Coaching

Intentionally create the life you want to live

Live your

Step into your authentic power and unlock your sacred magic though my transformative Life Attunement Coaching™ to create breakthroughs and lasting change

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Release what is holding you back from living your

Intentionally create the life you want to live.

Step into your authentic power and unlock your sacred magic though my transformative Life Attunement Coaching™ to create breakthroughs and lasting change

Do you crave more joy, abundance, and freedom?

Are You Weighed Down By Something You Can't Quite Define?
Most people live with blocks that keep them from stepping into their authentic power.

​Imagine you could release yourself from whatever keeps you stuck — and embrace ALL that is possible.

Here's the thing...

Elizabeth Carrington Coaching - We all have obstacles that get in our way

Blocks in our emotional, mental, spiritual and physical well-being manifest as sleeplessness, aches and pains, anxiety, depression, or illness.

They also show up as your feeling unfulfilled in your job or career, or as a lack of clarity around your life goals. They prevent you from pursuing professional opportunities and earning what you deserve.

Emotional blocks affect the quality of  intimacy and the connection you desire with collegues, family and kids.

When you clear the root causes of what is holding you back, you are capable of shifting towards true happiness and living to your fullest potential — relationships, career, and love life all improve.

​​​Life Attunement Is A Transformative Healing Method That Swiftly Pinpoints And Releases The  Baggage That Holds You Back And Makes You Feel Out Of Balance.​

Life Attunement will help you:

  • Transform limiting beliefs and achieve personal growth (expansion)
  • Find Confidence and clarity in your life path or career
  • Heal from past traumas and unhealthy patterns
  • ​Release fear and subconscious roadblocks to regain balance
  • ​Increase self-esteem, self-worth, and self-love
  • ​Find greater inner peace, purpose, and alignment
  • ​Trust yourself, step into your power, and live courageously

When you identify the root causes of what is keeping you stuck and release trapped emotional baggage — you can alleviate physical discomfort, ease emotional wounds, restore love, and eliminate the barriers that are keeping you from living your best life.

Elizabeth's deep listening, remarkable discernment and decades of experience—combined with her sophisticated humour, savvy and seventh sense — resulted in coaching unlike any I've ever experienced. Her Life Attunement Coaching got right to the marrow of what needed attention within half a session! We cleared the less obvious impediments to fulfillment--limiting beliefs, unhelpful patterns of thought or behaviour, and “stuck” energy. Since working with Elizabeth, I have seen several aspects of my life go from unnecessarily complicated to more peaceful, and I am so grateful!

Gilly Weinstein, MSc PCC, CPCC​

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Elizabeth Carrington Coach

I'm wildly tenacious about supporting high-achieving women who are navigating challenging transitions, step into their authentic power.

For nearly 30 years, I've coached everyone from Fortune 100 CEOs to entrepreneurs, helping them clarify their desires and goals and reach outcomes with alacrity.

I possess a secret superpower to both pinpoint the root cause of the challenges facing women like yourself and the expert guidance to resolve them with grace, ease, and confidence.

I bring to the table a lifetime of experience, empathy, and practical tools, and together — we create miracles.​

Elizabeth is a masterful coach and intuitive fluent in many disciplines. But her real superpower is helping folks undertake the radical act of healing and choosing themselves, over and over again. Through her Life Attunement sessions, I have experienced deep emotional clearing and release all while identifying, addressing and resolving the root cause of a presenting medical condition. The body truly does keep score and Elizabeth knows how to read that score and helped me rewrite it. Through a "unique to me" process and action plan that no one else is providing, Elizabeth's Life Attunement sessions represent the gold standard in health and wellness coaching. 

​Dorothy Orszulak, Director of Corporate Relations, Tufts University

Elizabeth Carrington I know where you are

I've been there – and I have pioneered a process that works.

This process was central to my own healing journey and clearing 39 years of migraines, Lyme Disease, and other physical and emotional challenges I've faced over my life.

 Life Attunement takes the guesswork out of what is holding you back by tapping into your unique energy signal and receiving the message your innate wisdom is sending.

Together we unlock your innate wisdom and erase years of conditioning, programming, and emotional blocks at the cellular level.

I love working with Elizabeth! Her unique approach towards health and well-being have been the needle mover in my healing journey.
I am so grateful to have been held and guided with love and care in wisdom and knowledge by this beautiful being.

​Sabina Sladek, Healing Practitioner

Is Life Attunement Coaching Right For You?

Life Attunement can help if you are ready to:

Release trapped emotions and clear the underlying causes of physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances

Address the underlying true causes of chronic pain or illness that is holding you back from living a full life

Identify and let go of unacknowledged or inherited trapped emotions, trauma and hardships holding you back from living your best life

Her sessions are more powerful than any therapy or business coaching I've experienced previously.



Life Attunement is a unique combination of intuitive inquiry blended with a myriad of coaching techniques and modalities.

This type of coaching is for anyone with issues that get in the way of having ease, joy, prosperity, fulfillment and freedom in your life. ​

Together we’ll delve into the origins of health challenges like cancer, migraines, chronic pain, anxiety, or depression. We’ll discover keys to enhanced communication, sleep, intimacy, and breaking through barriers to financial abundance.

Once we’ve identified Your Unique blocks, you’ll receive personalized guidance, tools, and support to break through the barriers and rediscover clarity, purpose, and a path towards lasting positive change.

create the life of your dreams with a knowledgable guide that will keep you moving toward your bigger vision.

You’ll Discover A Deeper, Clearer Understanding Of Yourself, And Find The Balance You Seek In Every Aspect Of Life.​​​

Ready for fast breakthroughs, lasting change, and a life that's authentically yours – let's make it happen!

A typical engagement is 12-15 hours over 6 months

  • We develop a personalized roadmap that will help us resolve your biggest challenges​
  • An hour long call/Zoom to dive into understanding your unique history and formative life experiences
  • A Life Attunement Mapping Session to draw out the root causes of your issue (1 hr)
  • We talk 1-2 times per month (over 3-6 months) to check in on progress, celebrate accomplishments and make any other refinements along the way​

Ready to start intentionally creating the life you want to live?

Tap Your Inner Wisdom
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