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Elizabeth Carrington

I attract bright, motivated clients who know they have limits but are more interested in playing to their strengths. I attract clients who want more of something in their lives (or less of something) and are committed to having it, even if they don’t yet see how to realize it. I attract clients who are willing to be challenged to try new things, think in new ways, be open to new possibilities. They are interested in living a full, rich, alive life. If you relate with this list, I’d love to have a conversation with you about the possibility of working together.

I am results-focused.

I want what you want – and am committed to your having it. I’m a good advocate. I am a good listener. But I am not as interested in the story as I am in how you’re moving through it. I have a good sense of humor and enjoy laughing with my clients at the ‘human condition’—our calls are focused but not overly serious. I know that you have all the answers and trust your innate wisdom; and I’m comfortable challenging you and adding my perspective when it’s called for.

Coaching Education:

  • Professional coach since 1996 (Master Certified Coach)
  • Certified Coach and Certified Mentor Coach, CoachU
  • Trained with Corporate CoachU and the Coaches Training Institute
  • Received highest professional designation (MCC)  from International Coaches Federation
  • Current Faculty member, Deep Coaching Institute
  • Riso-Hudson Certified Enneagram Teacher
  • North Bay Coaches Alliance, Founder and President (5 years)
  • Co-Founder of Dolphin Leadership, Inc. (executive coaching and training company) and Trilogy Coaching Institute (executive coaching and training company)
  • Former Board Member, International Coach Federation
  • Former Faculty CoachU, leading coaching courses world wide
  • Co-Founder of first ever Bay Area Coaching Conference
  • Author of a chapter in Intentional Change: Personal and Professional Coaches Describe their Work and Lives ©2000


Traditional Education

  • BA, Clark University


Certified in various assessment tools including: DISC, PIAV, Certified Behavior and Values Analyst, Integrative Enneagram Assessment, Certified Riso-Hudson Enneagram Teacher,  Graduate, Co-Active Space Leadership program 2001-2002

I love being able to support, inspire, encourage, and champion people. I consider that an honor and a blessing. Some people get excited by solving a problem or fixing a circuit…I get excited when my clients are thriving and loving their life now. Everyone needs support and structure and accountability and most of us struggle with finding balance on a day to day basis while keeping our big dreams and goals in front of us. I’m convinced that those who have the most fulfilled lives understand and utilize the benefits of a team to support them. One of the first people I have on my team is always a coach.


My earliest inspirations…for my future career as a coach were my father’s library and my college swim coach’s motivational tapes, which he would play for us before meets. My father, also a swim coach, had a fascination with biofeedback and the impact the mind can have on the body. I remember reading Psychocybernetics: A New Way to Get More Living Out of Life and pondering the possibility that happiness and success are habits, not happenstance. Following that, I found myself on a pool deck listening to Denis Waitley’s tape, “Being the Best,” which reinforces our ability to train ourselves to “think successfully.” I was hooked. I pursued a degree in psychology and sociology to start deepening my understanding of these arenas. After completing my undergraduate degree, a dear friend told me he’d found my perfect job. It was then that the word “coach” became bantered about as a nascent profession, and, never being one to wait for the masses, I jumped in with both feet. I spent two years in my first of many training programs, completing a full course load, and taking on clients to get ‘real life’ experience. I’ve never looked back. Seventeen years later, I am more passionate and inspired than ever to engage in powerful, life-changing conversations with individuals who are committed to challenging themselves, welcoming a thought partner, and outgrowing limiting ways of thinking and behaving.

That there is no other relationship in life like it.

It’s “all about you” and achieving a powerful understanding of who you are, what you want, and how to move in that direction. All the time. With honesty and compassion. Without attachment to outcomes. Profound change is possible from this collaboration. Not just checking a list, but deep internal shifts—shifts in how you know yourself and how you show up in your life. Deep insights and awareness is achieved when a person is heard in a meaningful way by someone trained to see and understand another human being. What would be possible in the world where everyone had a coach?


Curious? Give it a try.


If you’re interested in having a taste of this relationship and seeing if we might be a good match contact me. Your first conversation is free.